Crank Web Work, Vancouver



Tamara and Darcy are hard core cyclists who are dedicated to showing the world the wonder and beauty of the Okanagan by bike. Epic Cycling was started in 2018 as a tour company for avid cyclists wishing to ride hard, drink wine, eat wonderful food, and see the beauty of British Columbia. Riders can now experience a European tradition of cycling via wineries but with that Canadian twist of riding hard with guides who are champions of fitness in BC.

Crank helped Epic plan out architecture, set up ecommerce and design a site to fit with branding and company tone. As they grow, their site will evolve with new products, a wider variety of rides, and solid social media to help get the word out.

Epic Cycling is a passionate, exciting new company set to change tourism in the Okanagan with rides, wine tastings, and great food. It’s a real pleasure working with them.


Architecture Design, Programming, Usability, Coding, Project Management, Ongoing Maintenance.